Bring a Top Gun Events Recruiting Seminar TO YOU!

Seminars can be given at the team or organization level.  Each athlete’s family will receive one Top Gun Recruiting Manual and an unlimited question and answer session.   Top Gun Events can handle any size group wanting to book this seminar.

If you are interested in booking a seminar, please fill out the form below.  

"The Recruiting Seminar was phenomenal. We are so thankful that Robb was able to come do this for us. In talking with many of the players afterwards we had some very motivated individuals. As coaches we all felt this was extremely helpful and valuable to our organization. I would recommend this seminar to anyone considering playing college softball."

- Jason Walker, Diamond Club

Diamond Club Fastpitch Recruiting Seminar

February 17th, 2019

"Robb Behymer, by devloping this quality presentation has helped our players  understand the recruitment process. His commitment to help players achieve their goal to play college softball is comemendable and clearly evident. I highly recommend the Top Gun Events Recruitment Seminar for anyone interested in pursing college softball."

- Tabetha Petre, Velocity Fastpitch

The Top Gun Recruiting Seminar was one of the best recruiting seminars I've seen. The information is straight forward, honest, and gives families the actionable ideas they need to make sure their athlete is taking the necessary steps throughoutht the recruiting process.  I would recommend that every travel ball team that wants to help their families out during the recruiting process schedule this seminar as part of your annual off season meeting. Your families will thank you for it!


- Sam Ramirez, KC Monarchs

"Robb really broke down the recruiting process down to a level everyone could understand.  Tons of information for parents headed down that road of the college recruitment process."

- Rusty Fisher, Gametime Stars

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